Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Moving all standalone hosts into a cluster with PowerShell

The issue I hit was cause by trying to run a tool to disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1 across a number of deployments I'm working on (details on this can be found here)...

The TLS tool can target either a cluster to work through disabling SSL and TLS 1.0 and 1.1, or it can target a single host.  The customer I have been working with has many hundreds of hosts, across a number of sites... so on each vCenter, they have 50+ hosts ready to add to a cluster for consumption, depending on where the resource is required.  As such, to try and use the TLS tool to disable everything except TLS 1.2 would have been running a script 50 + times, having to specify the administrator@vsphere.local password each time.  Very time consuming

The easy solution as I saw it, was to add these hosts to a temporary cluster, run the script against the cluster level, then remove them...  Here's how I did it:

From PowerCLI, after connecting to the vCenter in question (connect-viserver vcenter.domain.local):

$clusterless  = get-vmhost | ?{ $_.Parent.Name -eq "host" }

This ran through all hosts registered against the vCenter, and found those with a parent of  'host' - i.e.  not a cluster member.

From this, you can use the 'Move-VMHost' command to move  all of these hosts into a temporary cluster.  I named mine 'tmp':

 This will move all of these hosts into your cluster (I had by this point restarted all of these hosts hence them not responding):

For the reverse, you can run the same command but replace "host" with the cluster name:
 N.B., I should have probably changed the variable name from $clusterless...!

After which, you can move these back to the root datacentre level by re-running the 'Move-VMHost' command:

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